Blackbird conceives, develops, and meticulously builds lighting of exceptional quality. Our STAINLESS STEEL group redefines ordinary expectations of lighting fixtures with the subtle interpretation of timeless forms that carefully follow their intended functionality. The JUMBO group confidently extends our design perspective from the statuesque to the substantial. JUMBO is also precision machined of solid stainless steel. The FLATBEND group, formed of solid brass, communicates the dynamic image of strength at rest. The WOOD group embraces our renewable resource of choice in remarkably innovative ways. All of our groups are intended to impress. Each piece is designed and fabricated in the USA. We willingly hide each fixture’s fabulous precision engineering in order to bring out the most elegant expression of simplicity. Design, engineered, and constructed like no other, each of our fixtures directly communicates a remarkable quality through a combination of superb materials, refined design sensibility, and exquisite fabrication. Examine our quality; expect are in everything we do.